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Throughout history, starting from the time of Adam, sin continues to grow, impacting every succeeding generation. Jesus emphasized that discovering the truth leads to liberation (John 8:32). At Messengers of Hope International, our purpose is to guide the misled and those who have yet to awaken, urging them to embrace the Great Commission and the principles of the Full Gospel Preacher.

This equips individuals to confront the lure of wrongful temptations and the influence of darkness prevailing in our world. Within our community, people of various ages and backgrounds gather to explore the significance of Jesus, understand why He matters, and learn how to follow His path wholeheartedly.

Through our Full Gospel Preacher, you can cultivate an authentic relationship with Jesus and find camaraderie among fellow Christians who help you on your journey.

7 Beliefs of Full Gospel Preacher

Full Gospel entails wholeheartedly embracing and accepting every aspect of the Bible’s teachings. This belief revives unwavering faith and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

The foundational principles of our Full Gospel Preacher’s beliefs are rooted in the following seven pillars:

  1. Believing in Jesus’ Sacrifice
    The belief that Jesus died for us, making way for eternal salvation. According to this faith, anyone who believes can be reborn through Jesus.
  2. Trusting in the Holy Spirit
    The belief in reviving the strong faith of early Christians reflected the Holy Spirit’s power.
  3. Sharing the Message
    This calls upon believers to spread the transformative teachings of Jesus, illuminating the lives of others with the hope and salvation found in His message.
  4. Believing in a Good God
    The belief in a kind God who loves us and takes care of us.
  5. Believing in Healing
    The belief that Jesus saved not only our spirits but also our bodies from sickness. It affirms the followers that Jesus still helps sick people today.
  6. Waiting for Jesus’ Return
    This doctrine holds that the world will be renewed as described in the Bible.
  7. Sharing with Others
    This faith emphasizes the importance of showing love and aiding those in need as an expression of gratitude to God.

About Stephen

Rev. Stephen Taylor stands as a devoted Pentecostal Evangelist and missionary, committed to illuminating lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior. From his early years, he fostered a profound desire for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, allowing him to lead others on a virtuous journey. As a fifth-generation pastor, he has been disseminating the message of Jesus on a global scale, encompassing youth camps, sermons, revivals, and conferences. His purpose is to extend an invitation to embrace Christianity, urging individuals to uphold its principles. Through Gospel preaching, personal testimonies, and the mentorship of emerging leaders, he aspires to kindle the flame of faith and guide others toward a meaningful path.


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Christ’s Grace: Our Only Hope for Salvation

Full Gospel Preacher

The essence of the Gospel’s narrative beautifully illustrates unearned love. Jesus’ love manifested in both His actions and the profound words He spoke. This love radiated from the cross and persisted in His appearances after His resurrection. As He extends the redemptive benefits of the atonement, His grace radiates from heaven to the earth. A culmination of His saving grace will profoundly manifest upon His second coming.

Within the ministry of our Full Gospel Preacher, Stephen Taylor, the focal point is the fundamental message of the Bible: “Jesus saves.” Each sermon we deliver carries the profound weight of this biblical doctrine of salvation. These teachings illuminate the path toward salvation, emphasizing the significance of faith, repentance, and embracing the unmerited grace that flows from His boundless love.

“Go into all the world and preach my gospel to every creature.” [Mark 16:15]

Messengers of Hope International aims to share the preach Full Gospel teachings with those seeking guidance. All donations to Messengers of Hope International are used to support and build resources to organize events all over the world.

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