Pentecostal Evangelist

Pentecostal Evangelist

The repercussions of wrongdoing are evident throughout our world. We witness the impact of flawed reality, leading individuals towards despair and veering them away from the path of righteousness. Amidst this, a beacon of hope is necessary. As Jesus affirmed, it’s our responsibility—you and me—to provide that hope. The primary goal of Stephen Taylor, our Pentecostal Evangelist, is to spread the message of kindness, forgiveness, and salvation. Without them, all of us would be without hope, without a Savior, and would be forced to experience the result of sin—death.

We serve as the foundational sources of inspiration and direction, overseeing ministries that profoundly impact numerous lives. Our primary objective revolves around motivating and urging fellow believers to fulfill the Great Commission—to seek out and rescue those who are lost.

What We Believe

The Messengers of Hope International believes in Pentecostal and Evangelical teachings. Our set of beliefs is focused on the following:

  • We believe that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, comes from God and is the authoritative source of divine guidance and truth for our faith and lives. We are devout Trinitarians who believe in one God, like a group of three (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
  • We believe a person can be saved because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself on the cross. But if someone decides to turn away from God, they can lose this salvation as a result.
  • We also believe in water baptism, a unique way of showing your faith. After becoming a Christian, a person can also get baptized by the Holy Spirit, which makes them feel connected to God. This is often shown by speaking in a special language.
  • We believe that drawing closer to God is an ongoing, gradual process. Moreover, we affirm the reality of heaven and hell as distinct places. Heaven awaits those who embrace faith and attain salvation, while hell is the destination for those who reject it.

About Stephen

Pentecostal Evangelist

Rev. Stephen Taylor stands as a devoted Pentecostal Evangelist and missionary, committed to illuminating lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior. From his early years, he fostered a profound desire for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, allowing him to lead others on a virtuous journey. As a fifth-generation pastor, he has been disseminating the message of Jesus on a global scale, encompassing youth camps, sermons, revivals, and conferences. His purpose is to extend an invitation to embrace Christianity, urging individuals to uphold its principles. Through Gospel preaching, personal testimonies, and the mentorship of emerging leaders, he aspires to kindle the flame of faith and guide others toward a meaningful path.

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Sharing the Gospel’s Message of Jesus

People often experience helplessness, anxiety, and a sense of purposelessness. We empathize with these feelings of being adrift and uncertain. Our mission is to steer you toward cultivating a deep connection with the Divine and discovering life’s authentic purpose. With our gatherings, believers can establish a relationship with God and find their true purpose in life.

Our events are open to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The sermons are accompanied by music, dance, and various forms of expression that contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. By engaging with the uplifting message of Jesus, you can find comfort and a sense of belonging.

Traveling the world to create a place where problems can be shared, and solutions can be found.

Find Your Purpose

Do you know God has a distinct purpose and plan for your life? His call is persistent, reaching out to every individual, including you. In light of this reality, whether we are aware or not, it becomes our duty to “walk worthy of our calling” (Eph. 4:1). If you find yourself still seeking answers, connecting with our Pentecostal Evangelist could prove to be an excellent place to start.

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