Stephen Taylor Evangelist

Stephen Taylor Evangelist

Stephen Taylor Evangelist, a distinguished Evangelist based in California, has traveled extensively throughout the world to minister with his wife, Lauren. Their authentic and unwavering preaching, coupled with the powerful manifestation of God’s presence, has led to numerous salvations, thousands experiencing healing, transformative changes, Holy Spirit baptisms, and a renewed sense of hope through redemption and revival.

Stephen Taylor Evangelist’s aspirations go beyond mere speeches at events and conferences. He actively seeks a response from nonbelievers – a response marked by repentance and a reorientation toward Christ. His primary objective revolves around disciplining others and aiding them in enhancing their capacity to share the uplifting message of God’s Kingdom with those yet to encounter Christ.

Evangelist Stephen Taylor’s Work

1.    Prayer and Worship

He arranges worship services, prayer gatherings, and various religious events to foster interaction among believers within their existing community, as well as newcomers. This collective setting provides an opportunity to share and propagate the message of timeless faith.

  1. Mentoring Disciples
    He mentors and trains young leaders and disciples in crusades, camp meetings, revivals, and international and local conferences.
  1. Youth Training
    Stephen Taylor Evangelist is affiliated with Harvest Time School of Ministry to train young students in the work of missionaries and lead them to global outreach programs.
  2. Global Outreach

Starting from his hometown in California, he has now spread the teachings of Jesus and stories of revival in many states of America and eight countries.

Motivation Behind Evangelism

Stephen Taylor’s journey to becoming an Evangelist is deeply rooted in his inspirations and driving forces taken from the Apostle Paul’s teachings. Like Paul’s unwavering dedication to spreading the Gospel’s message of Jesus, Stephen is driven by five main motives rooted in his faith and commitment to Christ’s teachings.

Stephen Taylor Evangelist

  1. Obedience to Jesus
    Following the example of Jesus and His disciples, Stephen’s primary goal is to please Christ by following His call to become a guiding light for all. He is inspired by the Lord’s call to make disciples of all nations, strengthening his commitment to Evangelism as a crucial part of his journey.
  2. Fear of Christ
    Just as Apostle Paul was motivated by the knowledge that believers would face Christ’s judgment, Stephen’s passion for Evangelism stems from a deep sense of responsibility to persuade others. He recognizes the importance of saving people from the prospect of everlasting misery in hell.
  3. Gratitude to Christ
    Stephen’s approach to Evangelism is profoundly influenced by Christ’s sacrificial love, who died and rose again for us. He is motivated by the desire to show his appreciation for Christ’s redemptive act by sharing the message of salvation with others and inviting them to experience the life-changing effects of Christ’s love.
  4. Christ’s Message
    Following in the footsteps of Paul, Stephen accepts the role of Christ’s representative entrusted with the vital ministry of reconciliation. He recognizes the divine responsibility of expressing God’s message of redemption and guiding people back into a relationship with their Creator.
  5. Anticipation of Christ’s Return
    Stephen is acutely aware of the significance of the current period as the “last days” before Christ’s return. This understanding fuels his passion for evangelism, committing him to reach out to people from all walks of life and invite them to experience the grace and hope that Christ’s message offers.


Find Redemption and Freedom

Are you tired of carrying the burden of your mistakes? Let Evangelist Stephen Taylor guide you to the path of God’s goodwill. Learn how he can assist you in uncovering the transformative message of the Gospel, guiding you away from the grasp of sin, its influence, and, ultimately, its presence in your life.

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