Stephen Taylor Preacher

Stephen Taylor Preacher

He commanded them to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” [Mark 16:15]

Stephen Taylor is a preacher eager to share the message of Jesus with those who haven’t yet found salvation, with the brokenhearted, those in need, and even individuals who have strayed far due to their sins. This commitment allows him to carry on the divine mission of the heavenly father right here on earth.

He believes that true happiness can only be found by spreading the message of the Savior Jesus. He has pledged his life to Christ and the covenant. For him, the Bible is the sole source of guidance in matters of faith and practice. He interprets it responsibly within the faith community, guided by God’s Holy Spirit.

He has enlightened people for many years through his in-depth theological education, Biblical studies, and practical ministry.

His Journey of Preaching

Stephen Taylor Preacher journey as a preacher started in his childhood. Even though his family has a strong legacy of pastors, he heard the call to preach when he was only twelve and began preaching at thirteen.

He completed his Bible College in 2017 and then pursued full-time ministry. With a passion for preaching, he traveled across the United States and to over eight countries, sharing the complete Gospel’s message of Jesus. Stephen Taylor Preacher is also an Administrative Director at Harvest Time School of Ministry, where he trains young souls and provides them with in-depth knowledge of Jesus’s message. He started his ministry, “Messengers of Hope International,” to prevent followers’ deliverance from sin and its consequences.

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His Belief

Stephen firmly believes that Jesus Christ chooses to grow his followers by gathering believers for worship, witness, fellowship, and ministry (both spiritual and social). He understands that the Bible has a message for everyone who genuinely professes to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  1. Relationship with Christ
    He is loved by Christ and finds his true identity in Him. He relies on His power and wisdom.
  2. Faith in the Bible
    The Bible is reliable and authoritative, and he obeys God’s infallible words in the Bible.
  3. Being a Family
    He strongly supports others and works as a big family to do God’s work.
  4. Spreading Knowledge
    He goes above and beyond to share God’s love with those who do not know Him.
  5. Giving Joyfully
    He gladly gives everything to carry out God’s plans and purposes.
  6. Helping Others
    He supports others in becoming followers of Jesus, who in turn assist others in believing.

Stephen Taylor Preacher

Take the Step to Revive Your Faith

Preacher Stephen Taylor understands the significance of guidance and a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Bible in the journey of spiritual growth. It is essential to keep in mind the character of the Lord, His promises, our dependence on Him, and the collective future we share. To facilitate this, his ministry offers numerous opportunities for delving into the deeper layers of scripture, fostering connections with fellow believers, and advancing together towards emotional healing, a stronger faith, and impactful discussions.

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Support Stephen’s Mission

The message of Hope International (MOHI) orchestrates worldwide events, training sessions, services, and various initiatives in alignment with Stephen’s overarching vision and mission. Collaboratively, their efforts aim to expand the network of dedicated individuals, fostering within them a profound affection for the Gospel’s teachings. Through coaching, workshops, and valuable resources, they support young leaders in adapting to the transformations within our culture and communities.

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